BUT... There's a catch.

Starbucks Posts First Quarterly Loss Since 1992
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What do Bigfoot and Starbucks free refills have in common? While many have claimed to see them both before, no one has been able to prove that either one is real.

But that's all going to change right now because I have some good news to share!

Check this out: If you're a green or gold member of the coffee company's rewards program, you can get FREE refills at any time.

Well... almost. Sorry, but here comes the catch.

Starbucks allows green and gold rewards members to refill their drink after they buy the first drink with their registered Starbucks card and finish it inside the café.

The other catch? You can only get refills on hot or iced coffee or tea.

Now I might be a little behind on this little nugget of info, but in any case I'm just passing along the good news :) Enjoy my coffee loving friends!

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