Rochester, MN  KROC AM News) - The Rochester John Marshall student who caused a stir Thursday after bringing a BB gun to school is in even more trouble.

Police say he is the one who shot a West Concord man in the head with a BB gun earlier this week.  

Interim Police Chief John Sherwin says JM staff reported the student after learning he had a gun. Sherwin says officers found the 15-year-old had a BB gun in his waistband. The incident led to a soft lockdown at the school for about an hour.

Sherwin says the teen was already suspected of being involved in Tuesday’s shooting inside an apartment complex.

Sherwin says the 20-year-old West Concord man had gone to the building to buy some marijuana. He was shot three times in the head and a BB also left a puncture wound on the rear of his neck.

Sherwin says the teenager is expected to face 2nd-degree assault and other charges. He is also facing a probation violation.

News update: Byron man hit with a big fine for a school bus violation.

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