If you're heading up to the Twin Cities this afternoon you may want to try and make a stop at a specific bar. A bar in the Cities is going to have a special guest bartender today that many, many people will recognize.

If you're a 'This is Us' fan, you're going to freak out. 'This is Us' star Justin Hartley, who played Kevin Pearson in the show, will be a guest bartender at The Westin in Edina! He won't be there too long though, his bartending shift is 3:30 - 5:30 PM today (Friday), according to Bring Me the News. For those of us that have worked in the food industry, a two-hour shift sounds nice, doesn't it?

So if you had plans to go up to the Twin Cities this afternoon, see if you can make a pit stop in Edina to catch this Hollywood star guest bartending! But now the question is, why?

Apparently, Justin has created a new spirit that is a blend of tequila and agave. He created it with "former reggae musician Micah McFarlane and restaurateur and chef Hector Ruiz". It's called Avila. Yesterday Justin was out signing some bottles and guest bartending in Minneapolis.

It's a pretty cool experience to have a celebrity make a drink for you if you can make it. Of course, the notice on this is a little last minute.

But speaking of celebrity bartenders, if you could have a celebrity come to Rochester and guest bartend, who would you want to come? You can send me a chat anytime on our free app.

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