A Minnesota man with a huge heart has a huge following on social media. His goal? To give away food to those who are hungry and experiencing homelessness in Minnesota.

He has millions of followers across YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram because of the kindness that he spreads in his community. It's pretty amazing!

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Social Media Star Gives Food to Hungry Minnesotans

I was scrolling Facebook the other day when I came across this video of a guy ordering 20 orders of mac n cheese from a restaurant. He then proceeds to take the food and hand it out to people on the streets.

Something caught my eye, though, and that was the number of Timberwolves shirts I saw. I thought, 'there's no way this is anywhere BUT Minnesota', and sure enough, I was right!

Joshlilj, Facebook
Joshlilj, Facebook

I went to this guy's Facebook page and found a video that showed the name of one of the restaurants he went to. I looked it up and, yep, it's located in the Twin Cities.

After more digging, I discovered that the man behind these videos is actually based in Chaska.

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Joshlilj - Live to Love

His name is Josh and on social media you can find him under Joshlilj. On his website, you'll find the phrase 'Live to Love' at the top and that's truly what Josh does.

Josh's whole goal is to "bless random people who are going through a hard time and need a helping hand." And he's done just that for tons of people in need in Minnesota.

How Does Joshlilj Afford All of That Food?

He doesn't do it alone, of course. I'm sure Josh pays for food he hands out with some of the ad revenue he gets from his videos, but as he says on his GoFundMe, "It's YOU guys that make this possible."

If you'd like to support Josh's efforts to help feed those in need in Minnesota, you can donate however much you'd like on his GoFundMe and that money will be used in future videos.

Since it was created in September of 2023, over $11,000 has been raised. Amazing!

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