I was at Costco the other day when I was asked kind of a random question. Convenient if I needed stamps, but random. The cashier asked if I wanted to buy a book of stamps before the price increase. I figured they may raise the price a penny or two per stamp, but turns out, it's much more than that.

Remember the good old days, when stamps were under 30 cents? Fastfoward to today, they are about to be double that price. People that like to send out Christmas cards each year, or those of you getting married in the near future, you're going to feel this price increase.

According to Stamps.com, the price of a stamp is going from 50 cents to 55 cents. Do you ever recall that large of an increase, because I do not? I may be wrong, but I don't. USPS will also raise rates on flat rate boxes, padded envelopes, and packages. They plan to raise the rates next week (Jan 27), so get your bulk stamps now.

This price hike is expected to cost Amazon $1.1 billion. Another Prime price hike in the near future? I'm guessing yes.

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