Oprah loves her Softies! The brand has ended up on her Favorite Things List three years in a row now, a different product every time. Turns out, Softies is an Edina-based, family-owned company.

Softies started in an Edina family's basement in 2006. The current president of Softies is Tim Murphy. KARE 11 writes that Tim's dad, "Dennis Murphy, realized there was a need for moisture-wicking PJs to keep people soft, cool and dry." Peggy, Dennis' wife, "said she was experiencing heavy night sweats while going through treatment for leukemia."

Hop forward to 2017 when Tim was at a trade show. Tim told KARE 11, "'I was there for four days... terrible location, it made no sense. I was basically in a stairwell.'" Then in the last hour on the last day, there were some people that came up to him asking him very specific questions. Turns out, those people worked for Oprah, and 2017 was the first year that Softies ended up on Oprah's Favorite Things List.

Now they have been on her list for 3 years in a row! Peggy told KARE 11, "'We are just in awe.'"

Oprah's pick for this year is the Marshmallow Hooded Lounger. You can shop Softies and check out Oprah's picks from previous years HERE!

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