It's a question we always ask ourselves.

In fact, I just asked this to my wife this weekend while running errands around Rochester. “How far you think I could get before I need to fill up?"

The light had just came on, and according to my vehicles computer I had at least 20 miles before "empty"... but that's when the universal game of chicken with your tank begins. So how far can you really get when your gas light comes on?

Business Insider UK tweeted out this helpful chart that can do one of two things…validate the good fight that you have enough gas to get to your destination, or you better pull over soon and fill up:

So when that light pops on with the family and you're stuck on 52, or inching along Broadway in Rochester, be sure and use this handy little chart. Think about it, there's nothing worse than running out of gas at the moment that you CAN'T run out of gas.

According to the site the cheapest gas in the area are as follows:

  • $2.17 Costco on Commerce Dr NW near W Circle Dr NW
  • $2.20 Kwik Trip 3531 9th St NW & CR-22
  • $2.20 Holiday 3225 40th Ave NW & Valleyhigh Dr NW
  • $2.20 HyVee 4221 W Circle Dr NW near 41st St NW
  • $2.20 HyVee 3650 3rd Ave NW & 37th St NW

Have a great day…and be sure and fill up when you can, especially during these crazy Minnesota winters!

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