Ahh, Thanksgiving Day, my favorite holiday, it's coming up, in just over 2 weeks. We take the day off, gather with family and friends, and eat until we go into that tryptophan coma. Of course, putting together that meal takes a lot of work. In our family we share with the preparations, everyone bringing one of the dishes that make for a traditional meal, plus some extras.

But, what if you are responsible for the entire meal? How much are you going to need to shell out in order to feed your friends and family? Well, not as much as you might think, at least according to CNBC.com. In fact, for a meal for 10, you can expect to pay about $50, including the turkey. That's not too bad, averages out to $5 per person, if I did my maths correctly.

The grocery list only accounts for the following as staples of a Thanksgiving Dinner, so if you want extras it will cost more:


If you want pumpkin pie, or green bean casserole, be prepared to shell out more, or, have someone else make them and bring them. Is there anything else missing from the menu?

Source: CNBC.com

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