It's no secret Iowans are really good at drinking but who in the state is the best?

Obviously it's not good to be an alcoholic but it is nice to enjoy one, two, maybe 3 bevys a week, just to loosen up with your friends. We've all seen (and experienced) how notably blitzed the QC can get on St. Patrick's Day. Blackout Wednesday, the night before Thanksgiving, saw a lot of Midwestern bars doing good business.

RoadSnacks crunched numbers to see which cities in Iowa are the booziest of us all and the stats they looked at are pretty good:

  • Number of bars and pubs per capita
  • Number of wineries per capita
  • Number of liquor stores per capita
  • Every city's drunk-related Tweets within the last week
  • Every city's divorce rate

Here are Iowa's drunkest cities for 2023, and the QC's booziest.

#3. Clear Lake

Clear Lake, Iowa Chamber of Commerce
Clear Lake, Iowa Chamber of Commerce

Cheers, Clear Lake! For a smaller town (population: 7,765) they sure know how to throw back a few beers, with the most bars per capita in the state and nearly 10 drinking-related Tweets in a week.

  • Divorce rate: 10.58%
  • Bars per capita: The MOST per capita
  • Liquor stores per capita: 6th most per capita

#2. Cherokee

Travel Iowa
Travel Iowa

Cherokee has more bars per capita than 85% of the state, even though the population is 5,196. They also have a pretty high divorce rate compared to the rest of the state too.

  • Divorce rate: 14.04%
  • Bars per capita: 10th most per capita
  • Liquor stores per capita: 13th most per capita

#1. Manchester

Manchester 24/7 Facebook
Manchester 24/7 Facebook

Earning the top spot is Manchester, who had some very drunk Tweets for sure. They're the smallest town in the top 3, with a population of 5,160, but clearly they can hold their own.

  • Divorce rate: 18.71%
  • Bars per capita: 8th most per capita
  • Liquor stores per capita: 5th most per capita

And The QC's Most Drunk City Is...Davenport

City of Davenport Government Facebook
City of Davenport Government Facebook

Not gonna lie, I thought Davenport would rank higher on the list. Davenport is the 8th drunkest city in Iowa.

  • Divorce rate: 13.33%
  • Bars per capita: 9th most per capita
  • Liquor stores per capita: 30th most per capita

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