In a sign of the times, Chipotle seems to be the next popular food chain to gear their menus towards getting healthier.

Last week we saw McDonald's destroy our childhoods by removing the cheeseburger from their Happy Meals. Perhaps that move got the ball rolling for Chipotle to do this? In an email to Business Insider, a rep from Chipotle said they've added quinoa to their New York City test kitchen. As of right now, it's unclear if or when quinoa will be available at Chipotle's nationwide, but you can bet it might be sooner than later.

Refreshing Homemade Classic Margarita with Lime and Salt

However, if that doesn't get you excited to walk through their doors, there are a couple other different menu items they're also testing in New York, including nachos, quesadillas, salads, and even frozen margaritas - the latter already being served in Austin, Texas.

With my wife currently going through a big nacho phase, I'm sure she'd love to hear about one of her favorite restaurants adding some to their menu. Until then, we'll just have to patiently wait like the rest of the country.

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