I feel like a part of my childhood just died.

Seriously, this is some heartbreaking stuff. The cheeseburger and The Happy Meal go together like PB and Jelly, and now you're just going to take it away, just like that?!

Actually, even though the Happy Meals are a lot less "happy", it's for a good reason. According to USA TODAY, the goal in mind by McDonald’s is to cut all of their U.S. Happy Meal options to 600 calories or less by the year 2022.

The good news is in case your kids (or lets be honest, you) need a cheeseburger fix, it will still be available, but only upon request. It just won’t be a part of the regular entree choices  with the hamburger or six-piece McNuggets. And the French fry sizes will be smaller also.

Bottled water will be added to Happy Meals later this year, and chocolate milk will come with less sugar. McDonald's also pledged to serve more fruits, vegetables and grains.

So ready or not, a newer, healthier Happy Meal is on the horizon.

Speaking of the future, this guy claims he's from 2030! Think he knows whether American's are healthier or not?

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