Often times (at least for me anyways...), when a tick is found on our body, we are entirely too quick to get rid of it. We grab the tweezers (or if you're me, scream and say, "Get it off! Get it off!") and pull the disgusting bug off your body. Unfortunately, when the tick has already made its way into your skin, it's much harder to remove it without ripping the thing in half, leaving part of the body in your skin. (Yeah, no thanks!) Check out this demonstration on how to PROPERLY get a tick off your body!

Not long ago it was determined that ticks can carry much more deadly diseases than Lyme Disease. One of those diseases is called Powassan virus and it’s being described by the medical authorities as a virus “that produces symptoms similar to Lyme disease, but more severe, and there’s no cure.” I posted the story earlier this year - Click here to read it.