This is terrifying.

Apparently ticks are now carrying a virus MORE deadly than Lyme Disease, and you'll feel the symptoms in a matter of hours.

The weather is warming up and that means many Minnesotans will spend every second that they possibly can outdoors. Before you hit the trails or campsite, take a look at this story. It has not been discovered in our area yet, BUT they have found it in the Great Lakes area. Plus, CBS is calling it a fast moving and potentially fatal virus. It's called Powassan virus and it's being described by the medical authorities as a virus “that produces symptoms similar to Lyme disease, but more severe, and there’s no cure.

Doctors are recommending even more thorough body checks and avoiding heavily wooded areas.

According to the Minnesota Department of Health, "the risk of infection with POW virus in Minnesota is low. However, it is a very serious disease. MDH needs to gather more information on how many ticks are carrying POW virus in various parts of the state."