A story that hit all parents right where it hurts. The, it could have been my kid, feeling. When you hear a story about this happening to a child, you feel powerless. Fortunately, there is a way that we can help. First, the backstory.

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In case you missed it, an 8-year-old boy named Sawyer was standing in line for the water slide at the Apple Valley Aquatic Center. Out of nowhere, he was tossed down from the 31-foot platform. It was later reported that the 18-year old that did it, has developmental disabilities and was away from his aide at the time of the incident.


Fortunately, little Sawyer is alive and doing well although he had many broken bones, and has a long road ahead of him. According to his GoFundMe page that his grandmother launched, the money raised will help with the "significant medical costs." It also says he'll have to have multiple surgeries and therapy sessions after this terrible incident.

To donate to the family or read more click here to get to the GoFundMe page.