With the announcement of American Ninja Warrior coming to Minnesota, and our second winter storm falling in as many weeks, I got to thinking how we could adapt the popular game show into a fun and challenging Midwestern-type winter competition.

If you've never watched a minute of American Ninja Warrior on NBC before, the best way I could describe it to you would be it's an obstacle course on steroids. Now the average person sitting at home can think that they could complete half of the courses, but in reality it's much harder than it seems. I participated with Rochester's own Roo Yori at J.E.T.S. this fall where they have their own ninja warrior-like course set up, and it's super tough. You need to be in decent shape to even attempt one of them, let alone complete it.

So here are a couple "events" I came up with that every Minnesotan has done multiple times in their life, but slightly adapted into a ANW-like obstacle course:

1. Taking a Trash Bag to the Dumpster: Of course your path is a sheet of glare ice and the bag is almost ripped completely open. You must complete the task without falling or breaking open the bag.

2. Humidifier Dead Lifts: Fill that tank and then struggle to get it back in the holder in the allotted time. It's always harder than it needs to be when it's full of water, so test your endurance as well as your patience as you travel from the sink back to the unit while dodging Legos and other obstacles along your path.

3. Unconventional Scraper Challenge: You own several tools built for the job, but can't seem to find any of them when you need them so you have to use whatever you can to get the job done and clear your windshield.

4. The Buried in Snow-Car Challenge: You have to be at work in less than 30 minutes but the snow plow just buried your vehicle in the street. Uncover and push your way to victory in the allotted time... bonus time rewarded if you can find a friend or neighbor to help set you free.

5. Prying Your Car Doors Open After an Ice Storm: Don't own a garage? Too cheap to pay extra for ramp parking? No matter the circumstances your vehicle's once again become a solid block of ice and you need to use your brute strength to somehow get inside and drive off before the clock runs out.

Think you can come up with anymore? Be sure and leave a comment below!

In the meantime, if you'd like to learn more about Rochester's own J.E.T.S. Gymnastics Gym which has it's own adult Ninja Warrior course, you can do that here!

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