I grew up in Iowa so seeing grain bins and silos were just part of our landscape.  When something that we see every day is turned into art, it turns into talking points, direction markers and becomes part of what creates the town.  Sound familiar, Rochester?

Photo credit: Abeling Photo
Photo credit: Abeling Photo

There has been some discussion lately about the corn cob water tower in Rochester and if it should be saved or not.  Lots of chatter and groups wanting this to be saved and for everyone to share their thoughts with the city council.  We talked a little bit about this in a story that you can read here.

I wondered what other towns were doing to preserve "landmarks" or other pieces of history that were in their town.  Our landscape in the midwest is full of so much history; silos, grain bins, beautiful old barns, and so much that will soon be gone if not preserved.

Well, I found something that is ordinary in my hometown of Fort Dodge, Iowa, that is doing just that.  Silos.  Big, humungous silos that were abandoned and are being turned into art right now!  You won't believe how amazing these are turning into...but you can watch the video of these now amazing works of art that the Des Moines Register put together (click here if you can't see it below).

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