Ikea just announced a really cool program that will allow customers to return products they've purchased for store credit. I love the idea of updating my furniture more often and receiving store credit for stuff I no longer want would certainly make that possible. Plus, it allows others the chance to get a deal on something that's new to them. Ikea says the returned furniture will be resold at a discounted price.

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Sadly, the buy back program won't be available in America yet, but customers in 27 countries around the world will get the chance to return old furniture and according to the BBC customers with, "new" items, with no scratches, will get 50% of the original price, "very good" items, with minor scratches, will get 40% and "well used", with several scratches, will get 30%. A company spokesperson told the NY Times, "The U.S. is currently exploring ways to bring Buy Back to the country in the future.”



Meanwhile, CNN says it's been a great year for IKEA: "Ikea's online sales got a big boost during the pandemic as millions of people turned their homes into makeshift schools and offices. The company said last week that online sales surged 45% over the 12 months to August, driven by 4 billion visits to its website."

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