I'm trying to envision this. A man who grew up on a northwestern Illinois farm swears he really witnessed a Bigfoot chasing one of his cows. Let's hear out what happened to him in a story he really does believe is true.

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The man's name is Brian and he recently sat down with the YouTube channel Sasquatch Theory to share what happened to him when he was just 11 years old. Brian is 62 years old now, but remembers the encounter vividly. Here's the short version:

  • Brian grew up in a part of Illinois where there was strip mining land. His grandfather had over 400 acres in that part of the state. It was kind of hilly with lots of lakes.
  • There were cabins in that part of Illinois where Brian and his family would spend time.
  • It was over a 4th of July weekend in 1972 when Brian and his family were hiking. He and his cousin and some friends were out right after lunch and they were on a trail they called "highest peak". You could see for miles.
  • From the top, Brian saw a cow on top of a nearby hill that was bellowing in obvious distress. All of a sudden walking on the same hill the cow was on, Brian saw....a big white...THING. Brian screamed and whatever it was stopped and turned around and looked directly at him and his friend.
  • The creature then tilted its head to the left and then to the right like it was trying to understand why they were yelling. The whole event only happened over a period of maybe 15 seconds.
  • Based on the size of the cow, Brian and his friend estimate whatever creature he saw was over 8 feet tall.

That's just the beginning of Brian's story. I'd recommend grabbing some popcorn and listening to the complete interview with Brian on Sasquatch Theory. It's a compelling story from a man who's convinced that we he saw was not regular wildlife. Did he see a Bigfoot hunting a cow? You can listen and decide for yourself. I believe that at the very least Brian believes he's telling the truth.

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