No, I am not trying to suck you into a pyramid scam, but you have got to take a look at this couple. They make a living traveling and posting about their experiences on Instagram. This is growing in popularity as normal human beings gain social media notoriety and are able to leverage their influence into making cash. Being a professional Instagramer is a thing. It really is!

Lots of fashion/beauty bloggers, travel fanatics, musicians and video gamers are using multiple social media platforms to gain followers. As those followers increase, businesses gain interest in having these digital influencers market their swag. The Beganovich Sisters are another good example.

Want to guess how much they're pulling in? Six figures. You read that right. Crazy!

Harnessing the voice of bloggers, social media advocates and other influential individuals allows companies to influence brand opinion and awareness using third party content.


Marcela De Vivo is the CEO of, a content marketing agency focused on Digital PR.

Check out how much engagement these Instagram photos received. You've got to admit, it would be pretty sweet to travel, post on social media and get paid for it!

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