Reading stories like this just makes me shake my head in disgust, because seriously - What were they thinking?!

According to CBS News, the North Mankato, Minnesota company has removed an Anne Frank costume from its website, saying it never intended to cause any offense.

Right. Because you only wanted to sell costumes?

Either they're completely dense or they're just spitting out a company line so they don't lose more customers over the matter because this is just stupid.


Complaints came in about the "Anne Frank Costume for Girls," which consisted of a button-up dress, a shoulder bag, and a green beret which you can see above. The costume created a huge uproar on social media as many found the costume to be in poor taste.

The website's description of the costume called Frank a World War II hero and an inspiration, USA Today says.

For those of you who are confused on why this would be considered offensive or haven't brushed up on history lately, you can read up on Ms. Frank HERE.

The costume was reportedly taken off their site, along with several other sites selling a similar costume on Sunday.

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