The world is laughing at Iowa today after the Iowa DOT had to put out a statement explaining what this sign means.

Iowa DOT
Iowa DOT

We've all seen the sign. It's put up in areas where there are a lot of deer. The 'Deer Crossing' sign is intended to alert drivers that deer might jump out and try to cross the road in that area.

Apparently, the sign is confusing to many motorists in Iowa. The Iowa Department of Transportation says they actually get a ton of calls and messages from concerned citizens asking why the 'deer crossing' signs aren't put up in areas where it would be safer for the animals to cross the road.



The Iowa DOT recently posted this answer to their Facebook page: "Deer can't read signs. Drivers can. This sign isn't intended to tell deer where to cross, it's for drivers to be alert that deer have been in this area in the past."

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