When the Powerball jackpot gets way up there we all start daydreaming about how we'd spend the money if we won. If I won the lottery, I'd buy a beach house. If I won 344-million dollars, I'd build a beach house on the private island I purchase.

Lerynne West from Iowa did win 344-million dollars and says she is "extremely blessed". Lerynne currently drives a Ford Fiesta with 142,000 miles on it so the first thing she's going to buy is a new car. A really nice new car. Then she's going to take care of her family and a bunch of other people. A very emotional West said, "I know the responsibility that I have to do good with this money. I plan to make thoughtful and responsible decisions on giving to my friends and my family and setting up so that my grandchildren will all have a college education."

NBC News reports that West is also setting up Callum Foundation to honor of one of her grandsons who died after he was born prematurely. She says the foundation will have a board that will determine the best way to use the money to help others.

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