It's both an extremely sad, but scary story all at once. It's a tale almost as old as the state of Minnesota itself, and one that reminds us all of how far we've come in medicine since the 1800's.

I can still remember having nightmares after the first time the story was told to me as a kid on my grandparents farm. I was out enjoying a bonfire with friends and family and both my mom and my uncles began to tell ghost stories around the flames to spook all us kids. Since we were already in Hanska, they thought it was a good idea to tell the story of poor Annie Mary.

As the legend goes, it's about a young six-year-old girl who was mistakenly presumed dead and buried alive because her doctors believed she had passed away from pneumonia, which in those days was known as "lung fever".

Sadly, they were wrong, and after several nights of guilt and unrest for laying her poor daughter six feet underground, Annie's mother returned to her daughters grave and began to dig up the corpse... only to discover claw marks from the inside of the casket from Annie desperately trying to free herself. The tale goes on to say that, "She was on her side, (...) and there were clumps of her own hair clenched in her tiny fists. Her eyes were wide open, in horror."

Ugh. I can't even imagine what her parents went through in that moment and the rest of their lives.

But then as my uncles wrapped up that part of the story, they had the wild idea to go visit her grave since it was nearby! So as you can imagine, I was scared sh**less as we gathered ourselves into the vehicle and drove out to the site in which she was buried.

As we pulled up next to her grave, they reminded us kids that you can sometimes see her ghost standing near her grave at night, and if you listen closely, you can still hear her screaming for help...

If that's not fuel for nightmares, I don't know what is? So yeah... every time I hear her name, I instantly get goosebumps.

Do you know a story even scarier than this? Let me know!

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