Temps are expected to be the low 90s today in Rochester. Is that hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk?!?

I'm not sure where the expression, "It's so hot out you could fry an egg..." comes from, and I hate to shatter your dreams, but it's not possible.

According to Wonderoplis.com, Eggs need to be heated to a temperature between 144° F and 158° F (62.2° C to 70° C) to be cooked. Sidewalks don't usually get above 140° F (60° C) and even if they did the egg would cool the surface temp when it's cracked on the sidewalk.

They say you should try a metal surface like a car-hood, if you really want to fry an egg outdoors on a summer day. We don't recommend that though because who knows what kind of damage that would do to your car's paint.

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