You know it's illegal for Minnesota drivers to read or send text messages and use social media or email while operating a vehicle, but did you know it's also against the law to do it at a stoplight?

One of my biggest driving pet-peeves is the person who is so distracted reading texts or Facebook at a light that they don't notice it's turned green. I really need to start using my horn more often!

The law in Minnesota says drivers caught doing this face a $50 fine, plus court fees. The second time they get caught the ticket goes way up - $225, plus court fees.

FYI - There is a distracted driver crackdown going on right now which means patrol officers are looking to hand out tickets!  Over 300 Minnesota law enforcement agencies are going to be cracking down on distracted driving throughout the month of April. The Minnesota Department of Public Safety says on average, 59 people a year are killed because of distracted driving.

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