You've probably heard that Uber is coming to Rochester soon. As a bonus, it looks like Lyft can develop in Rochester, as well! These ride-sharing services were just one of the topics covered in last night's city council meeting. Here's what you need to know...

1. Uber and Lyft can begin serving the public soon.

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According to KAAL, way sooner than we expected, too! Seriously, they could be starting ride sharing in a week. They explain, "The Transportation Network Companies ordinance was passed at Wednesday night's city council meeting. Companies will be able to start operating after applying for a license, which they can do as soon as the city publishes the ordinance."

2. Lyft is allowed to develop in Rochester, too.

Lyft At Its San Francisco Headquarters Showcasing Lyft Cars, The Glowstache, The Lyft App, Lyft Passengers And Drivers
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They just have to follow the same rules that city council sets. Again, those should be posted soon - and when they are, welcome to ride sharing in Rochester!

3. Taxis aren't going anywhere.

Sumpreme Court Ends Bloomberg's Hybrid Taxi Fleet Proposal
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In fact, they are stepping up their game. KTTC talked to Adam Pierce of Med City Taxi, and he said, "I think it's more that we want to be prepared. Competition is always good, no matter what business you're in. Where you say 'I'd rather be one of the few in town.' It's just one of those things that we know it's coming and we just need to prepare ourselves for it." There is talk of a unified effort to boost taxi branding in the area.

Check out KAAL's full report below.

Are you ready for Uber and Lyft in Rochester?

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