Starting next month, Netflix will no longer release all of the episodes of some of their original shows at one time. Instead, they'll roll out one new episode per week. With customers having more options than ever before, it's a smart move for Netflix. This will force people to maintain their Netflix subscription to keep up with their favorite content.

The new scheduling will begin with the The Great British Baking Show and Rhythm & Flow. Those are both competition shows so it makes sense that they want to build suspense until the final episode when the winner is announced.  But what about other shows? Could popular shows like Stranger Things and Ozarks be next?

I love binge-watching, but I rarely get to binge when the show premiers so I spend a lot of time avoiding spoilers. I think I'd be alright with weekly releases on all of their shows. says, "Hulu has tried a similar release model over the years, releasing the first three episodes of a series on the first week, giving fans a chance to really dive in and see if they like it, and then moving to a weekly release schedule after that."

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