Expedia's 2nd Annual list of the best hidden gems in America has been released and the good ole Med City is on the list! That's right, Rochester was selected as one of the best places to travel to in America that flies just under the radar of tourists.

Expedia puts this list together each year to highlight different locations that are great vacation destinations but aren't places that immediately come to mind when planning a trip.

When talking about Rochester, Expedia says that it's a great destination for "lovers of all seasons." They go on to specifically list so many amazing things that Rochester has to offer in each season:

Quarry Hill Nature Center - they said Quarry Hill is perfect for whatever season your traveling.

Rochester Trolley & Tour Company - a great way to get acquainted with the city for first-time visitors.

Sekapp Orchard - perfect if you're traveling to Rochester in the fall.

WinterFest and SocialICE - Expedia recommends these events for winter visitors.

Rochesterfest and Thursdays on 1st - perfect for the summer traveler!


I'd say this is a great list of recommendations, but what would you add? Did Expedia miss an amazing attraction that visitors should check out?


Source: Expedia


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