A co-worker alerted all of us at the radio station of a development at what is, hands-down, our favorite Chinese restaurant downtown. As he walked up to the door of the restaurant to order some Friday lunchtime General Tso's Chicken, he found this sign on the door, instead...

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

The sign didn't specify whether this location is closed for good or not. It did encourage patrons to visit their other location, on 41st St. NW, near the Super Target. The big question is whether this closure is temporary, or if the downtown China Star has, indeed, served its last crab rangoon.

I generally stopped into the China Star once, or maybe twice, a month. My favorite meal was the Chicken Fried Rice. The food was good and they made it very quickly. One time, I had a co-worker time how long it took, and I was out of the office and back in less than four minutes. And I hadn't ordered ahead!

I did find it quirky that they never would accept credit or debit cards. Cash or check only was their policy. Honestly, it did keep me from choosing them for lunch on several occasions.

If they are, indeed, closed permanently, what do you think will go into that space? Will it sit empty until DME redevelopment? Or is something else going to move in there?

Perhaps the downtown China Star isn't closed for good. Maybe it's just temporary. Hopefully, we'll know soon. If they are closed forever, where will I go for Chinese food downtown now?

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