With the recent tragedies, it's completely understandable that schools would consider doing anything and everything to protect the kids. BUT, is this too far? Would you be ok with a school teaching your 5-year old a "lockdown lullaby?"

The lyrics are based on 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star' and read:

Lockdown, lockdown, Lock the door

Shut the lights off, Say no more

Go behind the desk and hide

Wait until it’s safe inside

Lockdown, lockdown it’s all done

Now it’s time to have some fun!

The lullaby was taped to the chalkboard in the classroom. A mother visiting the school posted an image of the poster to Twitter, and it was shared thousands of times.

The Superintendent for the Massachusetts elementary told a reporter NBC10 Boston, "As parents, as educators, we're trying to hold onto that innocence as long as we can, but the world keeps tearing it from us. This is a teacher that, you know, was really trying in a very creative way to just help students reduce anxiety when they hear about or they fear a word."

Do you think the teacher went too far, or would you be ok with your kid being taught this lullaby?

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