When it comes to Hamburgers in Minnesota, there are a lot of great places, right?

In St. Cloud, Val's Rapidserv has ruled for over 60 years.  Serving  delicious burgers and colossal servings of fries from what was once a gas station.

David Black/TSM
David Black/TSM

All through Central Minnesota there are so many places to get an incredible burger.  Like Hazelwood Food and Drink in Bloomington.  They say you'll need both hands to tackle one of their Iowa Black Angus Burgers.  Like this Blackberry Brie that has bacon, cheese curds and more on it.

If you love the molten cheese inside your burger you may argue over which is better; Matt's Bar's Jucy Lucy or the 5-8 Club's Juicy Lucy.

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But there is a Hamburger joint in Eden Prairie that got its start as a roadside vegetable stand in the 1930s. The couple who managed the stand started pouring beer, and the place gradually turned into a friendly neighborhood tavern. Now it may be Minnesota's best kept secret for Award-winning Hamburgers.

Photo by Google Maps
Photo by Google Maps

Lion's Tap in Eden Prairie has been serving up award-winning burgers since 1980.  Their website points to the many awards for their delicious hamburgers:

Lions Tap has been rated as having one of the best hamburgers in the Twin Cities area by almost all surveys around. We have been recognized as one of the top 500 restaurants in the nation. The good news is that it’s right here in Eden Prairie.


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If you're looking for an incredible Hamburger in Central Minnesota, it looks like this is your sure-fire answer for a delicious Burger.

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