The first time I heard about this toy was yesterday, but apparently kids are legit obsessed with it! It blows my mind the things kids do for entertainment nowadays. Does your kid have this toy?

It's called a Fidget Spinner. Apparently all you do is hold it in your fingers and spin it. Yes, that's it!! My first reaction was "uh, what?!"... Here's how other adults are reacting:

So this toy is being marketed as a tool to help with ADHD and PTSD, BUT according to an article online, there's no scientific evidence to back these claims.


The things I was obsessed with as a kid:

  • ThinkStock


    Back in the day, all I wanted to do was learn all the coolest yo-yo tricks. Once I broke the glass table in our living room, my fun with a yo-yo quickly came to an end...

  • Slap Bracelet

    Do I REALLY need to explain why I loved these? You loved them too, don't lie...

  • POGS

    They were like Pokemon cards - collect them all, trade with your friends, play games. Totally cool! ;)

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