It's time to celebrate something you probably do dozens of times a day, every day already!

Emoji text
Emoji text

Let me first admit that I'm not the biggest Emoji user in the world, but I'll use them from time to time. That is unless I'm texting my wife or family, because I'm a very sarcastic person by nature and I want to make sure they know I'm kidding or sincere about my message I'm sending them.

Side note: Someone really needs to come up with some kind of sarcasm font... OK, moving on.

Celebrated annually since 2014, NBC reported that the day was Twitter's top trending item on July 17 in 2015.

Also I didn't know this, but Emojis were first invented in Japan, but they spread to the U.S. after the first iPhone was released. Cool huh?

They’ve become so popular in pop culture that Hollywood is making them the stars of one of their new movies. Yep, a MOVIE.

“The Emoji Movie” comes out next weekend July 28:

From the most popular emoji to how many are sent every day, click here for six amazing facts for World Emoji Day!

Which is your most used/favorite Emoji?

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