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A kitten riding ON a bus in Minnesota would be an interesting story, but this kitten recently took a harrowing ride UNDER a bus!

If you're looking for a feel-good story, here's one that might be the best you'll read today, and maybe this week. A tiny kitten took a harrowing ride in the undercarriage of a municipal bus, lived to tell about it-- or have US tell the story about it-- and is now settling into his new home.

Metro Transit is the transportation provider for the Twin Cities metro here in Minnesota, providing 'an integrated network of buses, light rail and commuter trains,' their website says. And it was on the Metro Transit Instagram page that we first got word of this cool story.

Metro Transit posted the picture last week of one of their mechanics holding the tiny gray kitten and explained that the little feller had taken a ride UNDER one of their buses as it made its way from the garage in Brooklyn Center to Minneapolis. He was rescued after the bus operator heard the kitten's cries, apparently coming from under the bus, and arranged for a mechanic to try to get the kitten to safety.

This MPR story has more details about the daring rescue courtesy of Metro Transit mechanic Daniel Kaus, who had to drive the bus to a nearby garage and use a heavy-duty tire jack to find the little guy. There's also the story of how, once free, the scared kitten promptly ran into ANOTHER bus and had to be rescued again-- finding comfort with some warm blankets (along with a ham sandwich for something to eat) in a makeshift bed before he was taken to the vet.

The best part about the story is that the kitten, who Metro Transit staffers named 'Turbo' (because he was initially found near the bus's turbocharger, likely to stay warm), was unharmed after the ordeal and is settling into his new home after being adopted by another staffer! Yay!

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