Jimmy Fallon is coming to town for the Super Bowl. He's never been to Minnesota, and he wants to get the full experience while he's here. He wants a home-cooked Minnesota meal.

According to the Star Tribune, Jimmy Fallon thinks Minnesota is known for the Juicy Lucy, and this is his explanation of it: “It is a hamburger with a chunk of cheese on the inside, or something, that melts on the inside so when you bite into the cheeseburger you get scalded by hot cheese.”

Drooling over the burger got him thinking about the real way to experience Minnesota - Mama's home cooking! He's quoted in the Star Tribune saying “maybe I’ll just show up at some random person’s house for dinner. Bring a bottle of wine, hang out, meet the family!”

The dream is about to become a reality! No lie, you can invite Jimmy to your house. Send him an email with your recipe, and why you want him to visit, and he may just show up. Here's the email: JimmyVisitsMinnesota@tonightshow.com

I have a feeling a whole lot of lutefisk, lefse and hotdish are going to be made Sunday!

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