This is not a drill! Kevin Hart is looking to put you in his next movie. I know, now pick up your mouth and keep reading. ;) It's all part of the "All in Challenge" where celebrities are auctioning off a kick-ass experience with them to help fight hunger during the Coronavirus Pandemic. 100% of the money raised will be donated! Kevin Hart is just one of the celebrities participating. I know what you're thinking (I thought the same), there's no way I can afford to win something like this - wrong! It's not the highest bidder, it's based on chance (at least for this one). For example, you can buy 10 entries for just $10.

So, what else could you win with just $10? Justin Bieber will come to your house and sing "One Less Lonely Girl." You could throw out the first pitch at the next World Series. You could hang and have the Ultimate GaryVee experience (yes, you'll be part of a Trash Talk episode). You could fly to Vegas and be a backstage crew for the Chainsmokers. How about a private skateboard lesson with the one and only Tony Hawk? There is something for everyone!

For the high rollers, you could play H.O.R.S.E. with Magic Johnson - the starting bid is at $50,000. Take batting lessons from A-Rod, golf and dinner with Payton Manning, you could own Eli Manning's 2011 Super Bowl MVP Corvette Convertible, and so much more.

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