Last night’s presidential election result proved that our country is clearly divided.


There’s one thing that can ultimately unite people: kindness. It's the universal “language” that everyone understands.

“Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change”. – Bob Kerrery

Here’s a couple of amazing local and non-local kindness stories that will restore your faith in humanity regardless of the political aisle you reside on.

Angie H. from Rochester, Minnesota shared: "Voted. Went directly to Caribou for some good vibes, found that my order had been paid for so I paid for the car behind me. The barista told me that I was the TENTH CAR IN A ROW to pay it forward. Take that in.  If I don't take anything else positive from this day, at least I know there ARE still good people."

Or how about this act of kindness:

Stacy Smith from Mt. Wolf, Pennsylvania brought her autistic son with her to go vote. Thinking that she’d have to wait in line, she was surprised that the folks in line let her and her son jump to the front so she could vote without making them wait. Check out her grateful reaction.

I think these stories are an excellent reminder that no matter what happens, good always prevails. Kindness brings people together. It brings communities together.

It can bring a country together.

Do you have a kindness story or experience to share? If so, share it in the comments below.

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