Meanwhile, chickens and pigs are celebrating across the nation.


Don't be shy! Go ahead and toss another patty on the ol' grill because with grilling season about to kick into high gear for the summer. News such as this is worth sharing with the neighbors. After all, it won't be costing you much more at the grocery store.

That's because according to Bloomberg and this article in the Star Tribune, beef and steak prices are set to be the lowest they’ve been in the last three years thanks to a surge in production from livestock farms.

In turn, expect to see "aggressive beef promotions" from grocery stores as both retailers and restaurants demand more product and up their supplies to serve their patrons.

Ribeyes go for an average of $10-12.00 a pound and have for quite some time, at least where I shop. So, I'm hoping this is true and it sticks for the foreseeable future because I miss a good ribeye on the grill.

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