Yesterday morning when I went to get coffee, I witnessed a barista being berated by a belligerent man about how she made his drink. As he was walking away, I got my bearings from being shocked that he would treat someone so poorly and spoke to the barista. I told her that no one should ever treat her that way ever again and she said “No, it’s ok.” And I said “No, it’s not ok. No one should treat you that way.”

1. If you are having a bad day, don’t take it out on someone else.
2. If you have high expectations for your drink, make it yourself.
3. If you think that on any level it’s ok to berate someone and make them feel like it’s ok to do that for them to be berated, you should just stay home and re-evaluate your life and how you got to this point.
4. I’d like to restore faith in humanity so if you are receiving anything from a server, barista, etc – please over-enthusiastically show your appreciation, be kind, etc. In fact, just do it for all people.
5. I am going to sip my coffee, continue to figure out ways drive out the darkness with kindness and try not to be disgruntled/jaded about what I continue to witness and see in this world.

We can do better.

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