No longer will you have to circle around, or scour their mini parking lot waiting for someone to leave so you can finally park and go inside to enjoy a delicious wood fired pizza or pint of beer.

That's been my problem at least the past couple times I've visited Forager Brewing Company for any parties or family gatherings. In fact, when they released their second batch of "Impeached" this Christmas, I think I drove around for a good five or ten minutes before I finally found a spot to park and go inside to buy some. So I for one am excited to share the news about Forager making plans to expand their parking options for us patrons as they've recently purchased a collection of properties near the brewery for $1.5 million.

Credit: Forager via Facebook
Credit: Forager via Facebook

According to this story from Jeff Kiger at the Post Bulletin, the plan is to add parking next to the blue warehouse across from Joe's Auto Care as well as in a small lot next to the warehouse. They're also asking the city for more on-street parking along 6th Street NW as well.

I'm super happy they're addressing this and can't wait for everything to be finished because it's such a great establishment. This can only lead to bigger and better things for the brewery.

Speaking of changes, did you hear about the two new indoor trampoline parks coming to Rochester? You can read about those here.

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