Those of us who live here know it's cold in Rochester. We live through it every winter. We plod on, through the icy cold winds of December and January and the surprise blizzards that can strike in May. But just where does the Med City rank among the coldest cities in the country?

Website 24/7 Wall St. has recently released a story showing that Rochester ranks as the 14th coldest city in the United States. Their study used statistics including the normal low during the coldest month, the lowest temperature on record, annual average snowfall, and average wind speed, among other information, to come up with the list.

It's probably not a surprise that several Midwest cities made the list, including La Crosse, Wisconsin at #15, Minneapolis-St. Paul at #12, Sioux Falls, South Dakota at #11, St. Cloud at #7 and Fargo, North Dakota at #4.

As for the coldest city in America, well, that honor goes to Fairbanks, Alaska. As cold as it can get here, at least we don't live there!

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