Is this the future? A front row seat to a virtual reality concert? I'm willing to try it before I knock it. Millions of Fortnite players took advantage of a show featuring EDM artist, Marshmello. 

Apparently, the concert was held at the in-game location Pleasant Park. They teased it on social media and even added it to Marshmello’s real-life tour schedule. Fortnite players were also able to see it was coming up via posters in the game. It worked!

According to the Verge, "it was quite visually impressive. The stage came to life with building-sized holograms of Fortnite characters, while a custom set of graphics played behind Marshmello’s avatar. At certain points, timed to the shifts in the fast-moving dance music, the stage would alter gravity, sending players bouncing into the sky and even floating in place at one point." How cool!

You can actually watch the concert on Youtube now.

Would you be willing to try a virtual reality concert? Is this the future of concerts?

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