Forbes just released their list of Best Large Companies to Work for in 2018! It shouldn't be terribly surprising that Mayo Clinic made the list, but where was it ranked?

Mayo Clinic was actually ranked the highest out of any Minnesota business on the list and the second highest ranked healthcare company.

Our one and only Mayo Clinic was ranked the 14th best large company to work for in the U.S.! That's so awesome!

The next closest Minnesota company on the list was General Mills at 51. That is quite the gap! Go Mayo Clinic!

The healthcare company that beat out Mayo Clinic was Penn Medicine, based out of Philadelphia. They ranked number six.

The top three companies?

The Michelin Group, out of Greenville, SC, ranked number one, Trader Joe's, out of Monrovia, CA, ranked number two, and Google, out of Mountain View, CA, ranked number three.

As for our neighboring states:

Iowa's top company is actually in the top five. Principal Financial Group, a banking and financial services company, ranked at number four.

Wisconsin's top company, SC Johnson, ranked just below General Mills at number 52.

North Dakota's only company on the list was Scheels All Sports, coming in at number 90.

Poor South Dakota didn't get any companies on the list.


Source: Forbes


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