When I ran across this story, I'm not going to lie, instant tears. My grandma passed from pancreatic cancer nearly 12 years ago. More than 55,000 people will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this year, and of those 44,000 will lose the battle. It's a vicious disease! This doctor is giving pancreatic cancer patients a second chance at life.

KARE 11 interviewed Mayo Surgeon Dr. Truty about his life-saving surgery.  Essentially he's performing surgeries that most doctors wouldn't even consider, and it's saving lives! It's like an episode of Grey's Anatomy (he def deserves a Harper Avery... or should I say, Catherine?). Sorry, I make stupid jokes when it's a hard topic i.e. my grandma.

pancan mural

Anyways, you can also read about a guy who was turned down by a different doctor who told him it was inoperable, and that he had maybe a year left. That was two years ago. He had the miracle surgery by Dr. Truty. Read his story here.

You can help in the fight against pancreatic cancer. The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network has many events throughout the year and/or you can donate online. PanCAN is dedicated to fighting the world’s toughest cancer. In our urgent mission to save lives, we attack pancreatic cancer on all fronts: research, clinical initiatives, patient services and advocacy.


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