If you haven't driven through Medford recently, due to the construction that has been going on along Main Street, maybe take some time and approach Medford from the I-35 exit and check out the definitely ready for Halloween, 'Nightmare on Central Ave'.

The home sits along Central Ave W in Medford, and has been self-dubbed the 'Nightmare On Central' the homeowners, Chakara Schultz & Zach Neuhaus, are already gearing up for Halloween, as decorations have started going up outside. Actually, when I messaged the homeowners I was told that the decorations actually start going up around Labor Day Weekend!

You can even check out the decorating process as there is a Facebook Page now dedicated to the spooky fun.

There are some ground rules if you plan on stopping by after it gets dark. The rules are pretty simple, "don't touch the fence & leave props where they sit." Makes perfect sense to me, the old philosophy of look but don't touch.

I reached out to the homeowners to tell me a little bit more about the house, how long they have been doing this, and what got them started.

This is the 2nd year we have had it decorated this much. But Halloween has always had a special place in my heart so we've always had something out. I don't have a ton of info about the decorations just that I love seeing people enjoying them & love hearing feedback on how we are doing. We do ask that people keep a respectful distance from the fence and props. Always open but lights go on around dusk & stay on for a couple hours. We would prefer people don't visit super late at night. 

Medford Nightmare on Central Ave

Some people may think it's WAY to early for Halloween decorations, but given the uncertain nature of weather here in Minnesota, I can't blame them for getting a jump on setting up the decorations, as tear down will still take lots of time, but you can take your time in a garage or the house where you are out of the elements to put things away.

If you'd like to experience the 'Nightmare on Central Ave' and you are prepared to follow the ground rules and respect the neighborhood ie not coming super late at night, then head on over to 106 Central Ave West in Medford.

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