The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota is consistently named one of the top tourist attractions in the Midwest. Each year, 40-million people visit the mega-mall to spend a day or two shopping, dining, and having fun.

There are so many stores to browse, so many dining options, and so many amazing attractions like Nickelodeon Universe, and the mall is constantly adding new businesses to keep people coming back. Below you can read about the latest attraction which looks really cool and is opening soon.

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How Many Stores are In The Mall of America?

The exact number fluctuates, but there are hundreds of stores. You can easily spend a day and a ton of money at the giant shopping center.

MOA says, "With up to 500 stores, there's something for everyone at MOA®. From fashion and food to tech and toys, we have what you're looking for — and then some.

 And, you won't go hungry because there are more than 50 restaurants and concession vendors inside MOA.

Mall of America's Incredible Attractions

Nickelodeon And Mall of America Celebrate Opening Of Nickelodeon Universe
Cory Ryan

I'm not a big shopper, but I do love checking out the fun attractions and there are so many inside the Mall of America.

You can spend the entire day at Nickelodeon Universe by purchasing an unlimited ride bracelet. There's also a flight simulator, mini-golf course, escape room, and an incredible aquarium.

ClimbZone is one of the latest attractions to open. It is a state-of-the-art climbing park inside the mall and features 40 different walls to climb.

Mind Bending Attraction Opening Soon Inside Minnesota's Mall of America

The Museum of Illusions is coming soon to MOA and "will feature mind-bending exhibits that challenge visitors' perception of reality, providing a unique and immersive experience."

The exhibits inside the Museum of Illusions will feature holograms, optical illusions, and interactive installations designed for people of all ages.

On their site they explain, "Museum of Illusions offers interactive, immersive and fun experience for children, parents, couples, grandmothers and grandfathers – a perfect, unusual and exciting place for all generations. Amusing and awesome tricks will teach you about vision, perception, the human brain and science so it will be easier to perceive why your eyes see things which your brain cannot understand."

Ticket Prices for Museum of Illusions in Mall of America: Kids 4 and under are free, tickets for 5 to 12-year-olds are $20, and anyone over 13 will pay $24.

The museum is self-guided which allows you to take your time and take plenty of fun pictures. Most visitors will spend 45-60 minutes exploring the illusions.

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