First Avenue will host a big birthday bash for the store and its momentous milestone this Saturday, June 9 while featuring several different indie-rock bands.

I love listening to music on vinyl. There's just something about it that makes it sound so much more pure... it's hard to describe it unless you've actually sat and listened to it compared to a cassette, a CD or even digital. Speaking of digital, some of you may be wondering, "How the heck is a store like this still in business in such a digital age?" Same reason best buy started putting vinyl records back in their stores... there's a following for vinyl and businesses like Minneapolis' Electric Fetus will always cash in!

Credit: Electric Fetus via Facebook
Credit: Electric Fetus via Facebook

In fact, fans of the record store on historic First Avenue can show their appreciation this weekend by celebrating their 50th Anniversary! According to their Facebook page, the First Avenue & 7th St Entry mainroom show will feature Real EstateHabibiFlamin' Oh'sLast Import, and DJ Roy Freedom. The party begins at noon.

You'll have to buy your tickets now though before they sell out. You can get more information on all the bands, and purchase your tickets HERE.

In case you can't make it to the show or the event is sold out, you can still try and take advantage of a huge store-wide sale they're having all this week. You can get more on that HERE.

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