Some reassuring news for those looking for love online.

Christopher Brignell/ThinkStock
Christopher Brignell/ThinkStock

You hear of horror stories all the time about dates gone wrong, because you just never exactly know who you're meeting up with for a drink or bite to eat.

With the different resources like eHarmoney,, and even apps like Tinder all becoming increasingly popular by the day, online dating has become more of an option to people looking for that special someone in their lives.

So where exactly does Minnesota rank in safest states for online dating?

We're actually pretty safe! Minnesota was rated as the 9th safest state for online dating by

Deciding factors in the rankings involved analyzing FBI cybercrime and violent crime rates and reported cases of common STDs.

Wisconsin sneaked into the top half of the list at number 20, with Iowa sitting at 13th.

I have several friends who are taking a dip into the online dating pool in 2017 because they're sick of the whole "bar scene". So hopefully reading this will give them confidence that they'll finally meet that someone without worrying about anything else, you know, besides what to wear that night.

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