Annabel Torres told her husband that she was experiencing pain and wanted to go to the hospital so he went out to start the car to let it warm up. Minutes later her husband was calling 911. Two Plymouth Minnesota police officers responded as soon as they got the call and on arrival they discovered the couple's baby had been just born in the driveway.

The City of Plymouth shared the story and pictures on their Facebook page:

Traffic stop one minute – baby the next."

Plymouth Police responded to a call at a Plymouth home this morning, only to discover that a baby had been just born – in the driveway.

Officers Lindberg and Thomas found dad, Antonio, kneeling in the snow with newborn baby Jayden. Officers helped wrap Jayden in a blanket to keep him warm until the ambulance arrived and assisted paramedics in helping mom, Annabel.

Congratulations to Jayden's parents and siblings – and happy birthday, baby Jayden.


Baby Jayden, his mom, and dad are doing fine.




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