Nothing says April fools like unicorn poop cupcakes! You read that correctly. A well-known Minnesota bakery has a new and unique cupcake on the menu just in time for April Fools Day. Nadia Cakes has two Minnesota locations (Woodbury and Maple Grove), and they will deliver.

While they have many options for April Fools cupcakes including bird's nest, ice cream sundae, lo mein, bunny butt, popcorn, unicorn barf AND kitty litter, the unicorn poop one is hands down my favorite! Just look at that detail!

Amy Jimenez - Nadia Cakes
Amy Jimenez - Nadia Cakes

If Nadia Cakes sounds familiar to you, perhaps you saw them on the Food Network! The bakery won both Cupcake Wars AND the Holiday Baking Championship. And that's not all! To read more about Nadia Cakes, click here.

If you're making a trip up to the cities, swing by and pick up one of these amazingly unique cupcakes. If not, you can order online. Unfortunately, it's a hefty delivery fee. Click here to order online. 

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